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Bulbtite Rivets

Bulb-Tite rivets are designed for the roofing and cladding industry, when set the rivets form three legs that evenly distribute the load over the work piece making it ideal for soft, thin and even brittle materials. The Bulb-Tite rivets also work over a wide grip range and features a self-locking mandrel that gives the rivets outstanding water tightness.

Sealed End Rivets

The sealed end rivet incorporates a unique cup-shaped end configuration that seals tight, preventing passage of vapour or liquid around or through the set rivet. In addition, sealed end rivets provide up to 23% greater tensile strength than equivalent open-end rivets. These also provide 100% mandrel retention, which can be an important factor in certain applications.

Pop Rivets

Our Multigrip rivet is synonymous with versatility. It is a fastener element made of an aluminium alloy that allows working with a great variety of grip ranges.

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