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Should I be concerned about metallurgical compatibility?

Always be concerned about metallurgical compatibility. Incompatibility can cause rapid galvanic corrosion and void material warranties. S-5! Aluminium clamps are completely compatible with painted or unpainted G-90 galvanized steel, bare or painted Aluminized, Galvalume®, Zincalume®, Zincalume Plus, Acrylume Gavalume Plus, Galfan and Galvanneal steel. Of course, they are also compatible with aluminium (painted, bare or anodized). They are also compatible with titanium-zinc (VM & Rheinzink). They are also compatible with stainless steel. The brass clamp is compatible with everything the aluminium clamp isn't.

Specifically on the topic of compatibility with Galvalume® (Zincalume®): is 55% Aluminium, 1.6% Silicon and 43.4% Zinc – normal percentages by weight. The aluminium content by volume is (±) 80%. S-5! Clamps are manufactured from 6061 T6 Aluminium.

Furthermore Angelo Borzillo pictured above, co-inventor of Galvalume® (Zincalume®), says: S-5! is the greatest thing to happen to metal roofing since Galvalume®!

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