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AS1170 is a design guideline, not a product approval. Therefore any vendor or product claims of being AS1170 approved are erroneous and misleading. Below are a few points to assist with AS1170 system compliance engineering:

- The S-5-PV Kit (a rail-less mounting kit) can meet the requirements of AS1170.2 because the PV Kit / S-5! Clamp connection to PV modules is mounted less than 100mm from the top of the roof rib.

- The S-5! User Guide (Australia Edition AUG7-13) should be consulted for assistance with engineering a PV / S-5! Attachment system to AS1170.2:2011 guidelines.

Spacing guidelines are provided in the user guide for flush mounted systems be it with our PV kit or a rail and tilt mounted rails.

Our user guide has been independently certified and details of the engineering certificate are included in the guide. To learn more please download the guide below.

Download our AS/NZS1170 UserGuide
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PV Kit AS/NZS1170